Your new device: things to know + how to activate

For a minimum of 11 mins - Do a deep breathing meditation and synchronize your energy with the crystals however you feel called to (dance, sing, breathe, be still - all modalities are welcome). State that you give it permission to assist you for your greatest evolution.  


The devices are crystal sculptures known as Orgonite® or Orgone generators. It's a matrix of organic and inorganic materials - The encapsulation of the crystals, metal shavings & clear quartz creates piezoelectricity - which are scalar waves - energy faster than the speed of light.

All devices can be programmed (but function regardless of your belief system) - I suggest programming them to your specific desires (love, joy, prosperity, protection etc) as they work 1000x  with intention. You create your own reality, so take it upon yourself to manifest all that your soul desires with focus, intention, feeling and action.

Each device is a functional art sculpture. No two are alike! ♥ Each device can take anywhere from 3-14 days to make due to the layering involved. If you are called towards crystal technology and orgone devices, I recommend doing your own research. Try googling Wilhelm Reich, Orgone Generators, Orgone Energy and Crystal Consciousness. I find that self-education on metaphysical / quantum technology is the best way to re-member the power within and without.

Each piece is created with quality crystals that were cleansed with tensor rings, re-harmonized with crystal bowls/tuning forks, smudge with Palo Santo, re-programmed under a vogel crystal light rack and encoded with galactic codes.

/// healing crystals are spiritual allies to healing and are not meant as health care information or prescriptions ///

LICENSEE is a licensed distributor of Orgone Generator® and Orgonite which are trademarks owned by Karl Hans Welz, the inventor of these devices and the brand Orgonite®, which is famous as one of the most high quality experimental energy substances available

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