Rainbow Rae: Why Circulate Energy™?

To keep it simple: CirculateEnergy™ emerged to the surface Jan 2018 - I have been called to bring this work to the public after making effective sacred tools for myself and family for over 5 years. I have witnessed transformation of others through transformation within myself. I have remembered my ability to journey through time and space to heal old traumas that have been residing in my energetic DNA. Through the healing of these timelines, I have been able to clear the trauma from my parents and ancestors. I will continue to do this sacred work to shift through new heights with humanity.

🌈Who is Rainbow Rae
I am a celestial, multi-genius, co-creator, all work I create is through GAIA's golden core and Crystal Grid. My intention is to create tools that hold space and soften the journey for beings that have chosen to finally TAKE THEIR POWER back.

🌍Earthly Roots
Taurus | Capricorn | Sagittarius
Indonesian, reincarnated in SE DC, raised in PG county MD
Grand daughter of Shamans + Shapeshifters
Mystic skills: Orgone Artist, Dowsing, energy healing, space clearing, crystal healing, Feng shui, Womb journeying and more.
"Professional": UX Research/Design, UI design, Interaction design, Co-Founder of Oneness Co-creative™, Photography

⭐️What I am
I am a celestial being, sharing my experience with you.
I am a co-creator.
I respect everyone on their journey.
I live my life listening and following my intuition.
I know what I need to know, exactly when I need to know it.
I focus on using and growing my discernment to navigate through reality.
I am your brother, sister, mother, mirror. 

I am creator, creator. I AM

🐉What I ain't!
Not YOUR magician.
Not a guru.
Not your doctor.
Not a witch or bruja ( I work beyond this physical realm.)
Not here for you to siphon my energy or the energies of anyone I connect with. 
Not here to convince you out of your beliefs.

💁🏽I am not a trained writer. The english language vibrationally feels strange to me, if you're here and judge how I form my sentences (or anything for that matter), you're FAKE AF, I am the wrong one for you.


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