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I love us ✨

10 Stars ⭐️ absolutely . Beautiful and amazing 💨 fast shipping. I will use for my work area and one for pocket. I appreciate the 🔮 community and positive energy within purchasing. I will buy from again, I humbly appreciate the communication from Rainbow and the sticker of love. May your shop have abundant prosperity helping and energizing others! When I saw sticker all I could do was sing 🎤 frankly bev and maze “we are one”

BB - Largo, Florida // August 18, 2018

"I love my pocket device. I have it with me all the time, in my purse. I hold it when I think I need it. I love the colors and the shape. The contact with the seller was awesome! She was very fast in answering and I received my device in a few days. I am happy with my purchase."

MM - Massachusetts // August 1,2018

"Alot has happened since the day I ordered my crystal energy pendent. My intentions were to make lots of money, have peace & lose weight.  Instead I'm finding truth & my most beneficial life. I've only had the orgone energy for 30 days & in that short time frame, I've learned my boyfriend is unfaithful & doing drugs. I've earned $20 grand to go to a boot camp & I'm getting in the most amazing shape. I have a spirit that comes at night to bring me peace & help me sleep. I've stopped taking sleeping pills and I'm open and ready to receive a beautiful mate that's honest & in love with me. Whom, I believe is seeking me out now. Rainbow rae is a healer. She has a knowing that what's in store for my highest good is ready to be a part of me & my future. I know there's so much more to come. I plan on meditating with my crystals everyday as it guides me to & through a very positive path. Don't underestimate this. I now have seen the power that what I'm truly supposed to have is coming into my life daily. Thank you rainbow for allowing me to call on your soul aspect who helps me heal through a very transitional period of my life. At least I know everything this orgone energy is doing for me is positive."

LS - Hawaii // July 26, 2018

"LOVE my new devices! I already had some devices that were made personally for me by Rainbow at CirculateEnergy and they were already changing my life. I feel more at peace in my home, car, and at work. I use them around my router and near my laptops (I spend a LOT of time on the laptop -_-) My thoughts and energy have shifted since having these in my life. I love these mini ones that I can carry around in my purse, my car, and have under my pillow at night. The care, quality, and energy that Rainbow puts in to selecting the crystals and making these devices means you get a beautiful device that works for you! I WILL be buying more!"

CD - Washington DC // February 03, 2018

"These devices are POWERFUL! The passion, expertise and love that has been poured into the making of these orgone devices is very evident! I I can feel the energy tingling in my hands as I told them. We will be filling our home with these devices as time goes by and are excited to see what will manifest as a result. We are also using them to amplify our written intentions and for emf protection. We are excited to have more of them in our home! Thank you for spreading your loving and creative energy around the world with your crystal technology!"

AF - Texas // February, 2018

"These beautiful Energy tools are amazing, they're the perfect size to place in important places around the house to raise the vibration. These are beautiful and you can definitely feel the energy it radiates. Within a day or two, the energy around the house, and the people living in it shifted. I didn't tell them where I placed these, and they could sense something changed without knowing anything of these devices. Thank you for helping us keep our vibrations up, clean and filled with energy!"

CT - Texas // February, 2018

"I received these devices in such perfect timing. One of the devices I received (in the shape of a heart) I have charged specifically to assist me with my Self Love; it has been working wonders, energetically helping me to make decisions that are most aligned for my Highest and Best. The PrEssence that came with the package was angelic and supportive, during such a time of shift in my life. I could truly feel the copious amount of intention for Higher Love and Support that was embedded into every single detail. I use my device on my altar for magnified intention. I have it beside me when I work for protection against EMF. I keep it with me when I sleep, for protection and clarification in the dream state, even near my food while blessing it. I'm glad to have these devices on me, anchoring in the Highest and Best for All."

J - Florida // March, 2018

"This pyramid is very beautiful and high quality. Both Angela and I have had separate experiences with this orgone device where we felt our energetic fields shift to a more uplifting and positive vibrational resonance. Rainbow Rae’s creations are POWERFUL! I highly recommend her creations to all those who want to experience the healing power of orgone technology."

RM - Texas // march 2018

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