Growth: My experience so far...

Peace Family!  by navigating to this page - we're either soul family or once had a soul contract. LOL 😝No but foreal' you're reading this - I now dissolve any contracts that i've made with your soul aspect consciously or unconsciously. with pure Peace + Love💚

I would love to get into a deep explanation of what i've learned and remembered over the past few months. I know some parts of me are ready to share my ascension story with you all - but im not quite there yet... One day ill be ready to write a book - but until then 😝 here are some of the major things i've re-membered as I claim and walk in my GODDESS STATUS.

  • People are in your life for a reason - we are in the midst of a grand karmic reunion (2018-2019) - it's been very powerful for me to realize that we have soul-contracts with other beings (🐈even our pets friends 🐕). As we fell in to the deep sleep  - we forgot about the contracts/spells made consciously or unconsciously over lifetimes with other souls.

  • Message: Check for patterns in your relationships. Are your friends/lovers/family making you feel low vibrational emotions? Do you experience energy that exhausts your mind, body and soul? Are you happy and joyful around them? Can you be your authentic self?

  • Light Feather: This name was channeled to me (by a divine Lyran Goddess) as I went through one of the most powerful, galactic initiations, EVER. This life changing event happened on Mt.Shasta during the epic 2017 Aug. solar eclipse. Light feather is not only my etheric/spirit name, but a deep message from myself - to myself.

  • Wisdom: As one rests and recharge (3D: sleep) >  be sure that thy heart is as Light as a Feather - as you travel through realms (3D: Dream Space) - breathe with ease. Every night the weight of your heart directs what realms and reality you access during this "time" ⚖️.

  • Pay attention: Are you recharging at night with heavy attachements on your heart? who causes this heavy heart? who are you angry, mad, sad about? is this a soul contract? Is this person an agent? Check yourself, be honest.

  • Yes?  begin to awaken > dissolve contracts > Forgive yourself > Forgive others > Be Joyful, you are free because now you SEE! 👁It's up to you to stay awakened from this real-eye-zation.

I love us ✨


PS: I have lots of updates about Circulate Energy - heres the quick version.

  • I now have a special tool to take out all of the bubbles from the resin! YAYYAYA This legit brought so much joy and growth in my heart lol! The devices look so much more professional and resonates more with where I am vibrationally. Not that I even care about looking "professional" cause' I know the power of the device trumps asthetics. If any one gets too caught up in look and not vibration - they have yet to feel the power of these tools.

  • I stopped coating the outside of my pyramids with laquer, I now have mastered sanding and buffing to a high polish. I have held off on mastering this (buffing) process because I cared more about the device/technology. Now with mastering my devices, I made time to learn how to properly polish and I couldnt be happier! If you've purchased a pyramid with a laquer coating, please see below!

  • If you have purchased a pyramid from me in the past 6 months, I happily offer a SoulFamily discount. I would love for you to experience a newer more polished version of the device (if you feel called) not only aesthetically but energetically. Please email me for a discount code 🎁

  • I'll be sending out seasonal LOVE-mail (4x a year) to those who signed up for updates. Expect discount codes, exclusive listings, personal updates, my tips on ascension and more. Sign up here for the love!


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