Basic ways to use your device

  • Holding this battery in your left hand allows life force to enter your auric field, reharmonizing your energy
  • Place near cell phones, computers, routers, cell towers, transformers, or smart meters to protect yourself from EMF radiation.
  • Place in your vehicle, on your dashboard, underseat or by your stereo.
  • Place near food and water to reenergize on a molecular level.
  • Place in office to shield you from EMF, negative intentions and coworkers’ thoughts.
  • Amplify your intentions and focus by placing over  journal or on written intentions.
  • While sleeping, place by your bed side for a restful night.
  • Place near water pipes that enter your home to energize your water supply.
  • Place them with your plants and in your garden to help plants grow faster and larger
  • Place on your body during meditations and healing work
  • Great for healers and caretakers to charge and protect your field and protect you from clients’ energies.
  • Place them in certain corners of your home, your bedroom, office, or whole property, to activate your personal feng shui for success, health, relationships, and growth.
  • Bonus: by reprogramming your device for a specific intent amplifies its power!

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