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About Rainbow Rae

Rainbow is a metaphysical healer and artist based in Washington DC. Since her inner awakening began, Rainbow has studied metaphysics, anatomy, the subconscious, crystals, vibration, and quantum physics. Rainbow has earned certifications in the fields of Crystal Healing, Reiki, Quantum hypnosis (QHHT) & Feng Shui to name a few.

Before her journey into healing, Rainbow practiced UX (user experience design) in the IT industry, consulting for analytics & education technology companies. Her background in IT, programming, and design gave her clarity on how today's technology is a direct reflection of the codes in the metaphysical realms.

In 2013-14 she discovered the science of “orgone energy” and began creating energy devices for herself and her family. Between 2014-2018, Rae crafted hundreds of custom, handmade, personalized Orgonite ® crystal energy devices and gifted them to people around the world in order to gain a strong inner standing of what this healing power truly is. In October 2018, Rae gracefully exited the corporate world with the intention to express her celestial gifts. Currently she works exclusively on Circulate Energy as a metaphysical artist and subconscious facilitator. She travels the world sharing Goddess Technology with those who are called.

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Custom Orgonite Energy Devices

Celestial healing devices, created in wholeness | Goddess Technology by Circulate Energy

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Image of the symbols of the 4 Alchemical Elements

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