Spiritual Mama's Smooth and Easy Birth Class

Gentle and eye opening workshop for Mama's to be.

Do you want to feel excited and ready about your upcoming birth? Want to let go of all the mind chatter and opinions everyone has about your body and choices? Do you want to embody Confidence, Peace, and Ease during your pregnancy and birth?

In this workshop you will:

  • Build a strong loving partnership with baby.
  • Develop calm certainty and embody a palpable confidence as you enter Motherhood.
  • Embody trust from the get go, allowing your baby to feel your Confidence and Knowing.
  • Learn to communicate with your body and feel comfortable and energized during pregnancy.
  • Ease your body pains, morning sickness and get to the core of what your body is telling you.
  • Gain deep Trust within yourself and your beautiful body.

This class is a good fit if you:

  • Want to replace worry and fear with knowing and trust.
  • Want a smooth and easy pregnancy and birth.
  • Are currently pregnant at any stage.
  • You are open to the power of your mind/body connection.

What this class is:

  • This class was developed to tune into the spiritual side of motherhood, your body & your baby.
  • This class will develop your mind, body, soul connection through teachings, journal prompts and powerful effective meditations.
  • This class will heighten your spiritual nature & introduce new soul conversations around your innate ability to create your reality.
  • For any type of birth plan, including natural, home birth, medicated, and in-hospital birthing.

What this class is not:

  • This is not a standard birthing class.
  • We will not focus on the standard medical birth process.

About me

Hi, Im Rae, a Spiritual Guide helping people live Soul Fulfilled lives.

I've curated a practical and eye opening class around pregnancy and birth after I had my first child, Sati. She inspired me to share my tools and teachings with you so that you too, can have a smooth and easy birth. I had such a great pregnancy, up until the very last day - I felt energized, comfortable, confident and excited for her arrival.

Many people told me that I would have morning sickness, pain, aches and should fear the birthing process (sound familiar?), and boy were they WRONG! You absolutely can take control of your pregnancy and have a gentle and comfortable experience from beginning to end, just as nature intended it.

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“Form understanding around what you've gone through and cultivate faith in what's to come.” - rae

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