Custom Device: What to expect

Receiving a custom device - and - personally making these devices is a very special experience.  With your permission - we co-create to manifest this device to sync to your energy body. This process can take you to new heights, if you allow it.

🎁 What you will receive with each custom device:

- A hand written note that goes into detail about what energies were integrated in your device

- List of colors used and the vibrations they provide

- A tarot reading for how this device will best serve you at this time

- A birth chart print out  - to better understand your own blueprint

- A list of your personal planets, their elements and what houses they reside in

- Information about Orgonite, how to use your device + more

- A special gift 💚*

- Coupon for 11% off your next purchase 

*I ask your guides what other device you may need at this time as a free gift. Value can be anywhere from $11-$133 

🌺 Custom Devices

Custom devices are meticulously curated for your energetic signature. I intuit (with the help of your Soul aspect) the stones, colors, herbs, energies, and medicines to place in each device. Synchronization and energy facilitation is used to embody healing for your Soul. I use a handful of modalities from my quantum “toolbox” to give you the energetic vibration you may need. With that being said, custom pieces are for people who are serious about their path to SELF. A lot can change in your life once this process begins. With these devices, you will begin to CIRCULATE ENERGY in your field so that you can move past internal stagnation that was created by you consciously or unconsciously.

I love us ✨


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